Platinum Coaching Package

There world is full of good Women Leaders, but to be a Great Woman Leader you require Self-Awareness.

Self-aware Leaders are constantly looking at how to improve. They recognise their own strengths, weaknesses and hidden biases and defenses and take accountability for them. They constantly ask for feedback so they can improve.

Best Suited or:

  • Business Owners
  • General Managers
  • School Principals
  • Franchise Owners
  • People Leaders

What’s Included:

Coaching Outcomes & Benefits

  • Have impactful communication
  • Building outstanding internal and external stakeholder relationships
  • Effective Conflict Management – understand team conflict and challenges
  • Uncovers development pathways for self and team
  • Increased business confidence
  • Increased leadership confidence
  • Develop talent within teams
  • Increases compassion for self & others
  • Using Strengths & Weaknesses for Business SWOT advantages
  • Increased productivity
  • Enabling culture change

Other Information

  • Module 1 – Introduction | Setting expectations | Coaching Desires | Strengths / Weaknesses | Worldview associated with your Core Motivations | Understanding the impact of biological drives on personality and defines your behavior

  • Module 2 – Balance of expressing patterns of action, thinking and feeling | Influences of Core Motivations and how this compliments strengths & and deeper understanding of weaknesses

  • Module 3 – Self-Awareness of Blind Spots and high level view of Vocational, Interpersonal, Environmental and Physical Strain Levels | Pathways for working with the strain and supporting development journey

  • Module 4 – Communication | Listening behaviours | Verbal | Non-verbal | Written | Giving and receiving feedback in the professional environment | Performance improvement and effectiveness | Prepare, adapt and position approach to giving feedback

  • Module 5 – Conflict and Triggers | Response to conflict | What triggers you | What you and others can do when  triggered | Decision Making | Making effective, well-considered decisions | Impact of decision and how the decisions of others affect you as leader

  • Module 6 – Leadership & Management | What affects Leadership | Achieving Goals | Planning | Task Completion | Delegation | Performance Management | Motivation and Development | Team Behaviour – Leadership through the 4 Stages of Team Maturity
  • Runs over 6 Months

  • Fortnightly Sessions – 1.5 Hour Sessions

  • Sessions are Face to Face or Via Zoom if geographically not possible

  • Business Goals are worked on in conjunction with Coaching Modules
  • Professional Report – You’ll received a Professional Report as part of your  Leadership Premium Coaching Package
  • Payment plans available for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months with FeeFunders

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