Women are often
un-represented in Leadership roles around the globe.

We are here to help you navigate both external factors & internal challenges that often hinder our opportunity for further business growth & achievement.
Faieka Prime
Coach & Mentor

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Services Inspire Coaching Clients Value
Why our clients choose us …

Ex-Business Owners

We have practical experience running successful businesses


Client Goal Focusssed

We listen to our clients, focussing on their goals & needs



Information shared during sessions and workshops stays confidential


Ongoing Support

Support outside the coaching & workshop sessions


Holistic Approach

We look at all leadership factors to achieving business goals and personal development

What’s in it for YOU – our Clients

Self-Awareness Mastery

Awareness, understanding and control over thoughts, emotions & actions.

Impactful Communication

Facilitates change. Common language internal & external stakeholders want to be a part of.

Effective Conflict Management

Ability to identify and handle conflicts sensibly, fairly and efficiently.

Critical Thinking Skills

Objectively analyse and evaluate arguments and ideas based on logic & evidence.

Building Effective Relationships

Building trust, respect, self-awareness, inclusion and open awareness.

Finding your Authenticity

Aware of strengths, limitations and emotions. Showing real selves to followers.

Improved Confidence Levels

Trust in your skills and abilities as Leader.

Business Success

Running a profitable business with return on investment for the shareholders and conducts itself with honesty and integrity and making a difference to the Business Owner & Leader and meaningful contributions to communities.


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